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Shoot to Thrill...


$60 for a one hour private archery lesson or for a family archery lesson up to 3 people. All coaching and equipment is provided. Seniors, sports lovers, and beginners welcome!

Call (805) 328-4911 to start shooting today!

Do you want to learn how shoot from your very own archery coach? Virginia Hankins is a
certified and insured USA Archery coach and specialty act performer who offers beginning adult archery lessons, archery lessons for women, and children's archery lessons in the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas of Southern California for ages 8+.

Virginia trained under two time world champion archery coach John Norberg, competed nationally, was a member of the California State Archery Team, founded the University of Southern California Archery Team, and has performed trick shots for up to 4,000 people. She currently works as an on set archery consultant, USA Archery coach, and is the lead archery expert for the upcoming television show "Shoot to Thrill." She is happy to serve as an archery coach in Ventura County, Los Angeles, Southern California and beyond.

As a Level 3 USA archery coach certified in the National Training System (NTS) she is authorized to train Level 1 and Level 2 archery instructors for camp and recreational programs and run full competitive, recreational, school, and camp programs in the USA Olympic Team Training Methods. Her upbeat, patient, and encouraging demeanor teamed with her clear and informative teaching style make her the perfect USA archery coach for teaching men and women's beginning archery lessons in Ventura County, Los Angeles, Southern California and throughout the United States.

Her attention to detail has enabled her to become certified for both Northern California and Southern California through the State of California Department of Fish & Wildlife (previously the Department of Fish and Game) for safety... a specialty accreditation that merges both safety and performance in wilderness and high stress situations for archery and gun work.



In-Person Lesson Options (all prices are per hour):

  • Private - $60/hour
  • Semi-private - $45/person (up to 5 people) per hour
  • Family groups - $60/family (up to 3 people - must be married with a child, or two children with an adult; same sex couples welcome) per hour. Additional family members can shoot at $10 per person per hour.
  • All lessons are in held in Oak Park, California or Moorpark, California with the exception of the following on-location options (subject to schedule availability):
    • $40 travel surcharge to Pasadena, Culver City / Rancho Park, or Van Nuys/ Woodley Park.
    • $80 travel surcharge to Long Beach / El Dorado Park.
  • If you are interested in a larger group clinic, archery party, or archery birthday party please visit Sheroes Entertainment LLC at or call (805) 328-4911 for large group event coordination.
  • It is highly recommended to book your lesson in advance as most weekend archery lesson spots book two to three weeks out. Evening and afternoon lessons are also available.
  • Equipment procurement assistance, physical therapist / medical staff / personal trainer collaboration calls or email consultations are free to students currently enrolled in 2 or more lessons per month
  • All in-person archery lesson equipment is provided. If you are a new shooter PLEASE WAIT to try archery before buying gear; all lessons follow a "slow and steady" approach to ensure that you are physically ready to handle the right weight and type of gear based on your ability and form. You may use lesson equipment as long as you need; most of her shooters will accelerate through three different bow limb weights in a 6-month period. Every shooter is started on Thera-band training and an ultra-light 15-pound or less draw-weight bow (teen-adult).
Virtual Lesson Options
  • Skype online archery lessons - $25; you must have your own gear and access to Skype, a web cam, a Bluetooth hands free headset that integrates to your computer system, and a safe place to shoot.
  • Video form evaluations - $10/video; you must have your own gear and ability to send her a link to your video for review.
  • Equipment procurement consultations are free to students enrolled in 2+ lessons per month or $10 per consultation for non-students

"Shoot to Thrill" - Her Latest Television Show

Meet Virginia & Learn About Her Film Services

Additional info on her archery programs for kids and on-set archery consultant offerings:


  • Kids Archery Birthday Parties (in Ventura County)
    • Archery theme parties available through Sheroes Entertainment LLC, the only children's entertainment company in the United States to be sanctioned and insured by USA Archery!
  • Perfect for adventure-loving kids
  • Fully costumed character / archery coach
    • Brave Princess Party
    • Olympic Spirit Party
    • Maid Marion (Robin Hood / Medieval) Party
    • Archer Elf Party
    • Teen District Games Party
  • 1 hour hands-on themed shooting parties for ages 8+ with REAL bows and a real archery coach
  • Additional USA archery coach staff members available. USA archery coach ratios are based on the ages and number of children learning archery. A minimum 2:10 ratio is standard with Sheroes Entertainment LLC.
  • BOOK EARLY as archery parties normally have a 2 month wait time that is dependent on archery range and staff availability.
  • Additional indoor safe (suction cup & blunted) arrow party games available for small location-based parties.
  • Scottish Princess Look-alike Meet & Greet
    • Roving, insured character actor         
    • Referrals available to other theme-park trained and caliber professional entertainers
    • Custom high quality wardrobe options including the silk teal and gold tournament dress
    • Wig available or have her be her natural true red!
    • Well-honed Scottish accent and improv skills - she can stay in character just like Princess Merida all day long!
    • Black shire horse available in both Northern California and Southern California locations -- please note, shire horse subject to availabity
    • Additional look-alike walking characters available by referral
  • On Set Film Archery Coach & Archery Lessons
    • Self-contained archery equipment and archery lessons in Southern California and beyond
    • On and off set location work available
    • Discrete, professional, and confidential archery coach who respects your production & talent needs
    • Time-sensitive & flexible to fit archery lessons with your talent's schedule
  • Archery Stunt Work & Precision Shooting for Commercial and Film
    • Archery On Set Safety Coordinator
    • All bow types
    • Custom fletching available on arrows and specialty bows available at an additional kit cost
    • Stunt double work for actors and on-set talent
    • Paid-up SAG-AFTRA Union Member
    • Los Angeles and Ventura County local hire
    • Mounted horsework and dismounted archery work
    • Shooting bow stock options include: Olympic-style recurve bows, wooden recurve bows, hunting specification camouflage compound bows, Korean horsebows, and black-out style crossbows.
    • Archery equipment rentals for film and productions work available.
  • Live Action Events
    • Demo team coordinator for up to four archers, men and women available            
    • Available for Los Angeles, Ventura County, and Southern California and international travel
    • Brand product placement in shooting sequences available        
  • Summer Camp Archery Accreditation Programs
    • USA Archery Level 1 instructor training courses for short term summer camp programs for YMCA, Girl Scout, and Boy Scout camps
    • Assistance with camp program design
    • Temporary archery instructor / archery coach availability for theme weeks
    • Archery Equipment Rentals
    • Archery Equipment Purchasing / Procurement
  • After School Archery Programs (ASAP) Courses & Fun Days                       
    • National archery program developed by top archery coaches especially for recreation agencies
    • Pre-designed 16 class (or 8 week) sessions ranging between 60-90 minutes
    • Archery Equipment Rentals
    • Archery Equipment Purchasing / Procurement
    • Great for: Parks & Recreation, Youth Group, Girl Scout, Boy Scout, YMCA, and YWCA programs
  • Military Recreational Archery Courses     
    • National archery program developed by top archery coaches especially for recreation agencies
    • Pre-designed 16 class (or 8 week) sessions ranging between 60-90 minutes
    • Ability to relate new archery skills to current gun and rifle skills and terminology for rapid learning
    • Family-friendly or soldier-only options available
    • Archery Equipment Rentals
    • Archery Equipment Purchasing / Procurement
  • Home School and High School Archery Club & Class Programs
    • Range setup
    • Application process assistance
    • Equipment procurement
    • Lesson plan development
    • Archery lessons for high school or middle school PE class requirements


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